dinsdag 5 oktober 2010

How to make a nice dreampillow!


Things You'll Need:

• Needle and thread

• Your choice of fabric

• Mesh bag to hold your herbs and a string to close the bag

• Herbs and flowers; try a mix of 1 part dried chamomile, 1 part dried lavender

• 5 to 7 drops essential oil. Some good choices include sandalwood, jasmine and geranium

• 2 tsp. orris root to retain the wonderful scent

• Pillow stuffing

• Velcro

1. Step 1

Choose your fabric and cut it into two pieces about 6" by 11". One will be the top of your pillow, the other will be the bottom. Silk is a great fabric choice. Although other fabric is fine, silk is cool and soft and works nicely in case you wish to place your dream pillow on your forehead to help banish a headache.

2. Step 2

Sew the two pieces together so the wrong side is on the outside. Stitch three sides of the fabric together. Turn it inside out so the right side is on the outside.

3. Step 3

Fill a mesh bag with your choice of herbs and flowers. Add some fragrance oil and orris root, a member of the iris family and a perfect fixative in dream pillows. Tie the bag with some string.

4. Step 4

Slide the herb-filled bag inside your pillow and pack a bit of pillow stuffing around the bag. Don't over stuff because the herbs will need room to release their magical scents.

5. Step 5

Make your pillow refillable and washable by stitching some Velcro on the open end of the pillow. Insert your dream pillow inside your pillow case and let the calming scents carry you off to dreamland.