woensdag 15 december 2010

Marlena de Blasi. Regional Foods of Southern Italy!

Another good book of Marlena de Blasi.

Regional Foods of Southern Italy distills the essence of the region's traditional foods in a beautifully wrought
amalgam of narrative and recipe.Regional Foods of Southern Italy takes us from Rome, where we eat a sumptuous Christmas Eve fish supper, through the harsh magnificence of Abruzzi's mountains to Naples, where we find the one true pizza and make a slight detour for the mythical orange tart of Capri. Our journey continues down the Amalfi coast through the ancient reaches of Puglia, where we find Pasta in Black, the ultimate comfort food, pause in little-known Basilicata for Honeyed Wild Rabbit braised with Chestnuts, and jolt our palates with Calabrian ricotta forte before ending up in Sicily and Sardinia.Here are more than 150 authentic recipes in a beautiful two-color cookbook that is " about simplicity and innocence . . . and about
the stories, inextricably woven into and wedded to the food.