woensdag 24 november 2010

My blog!

I blog about anything I like, such as brocante, crafting, old places near my home-town, Venice and Italy.
I love fabrics, especially the Delft Blue ones, but also boerenbont, folklore fabrics.
Boerenbont geruit blauw

Boerenbont geruit rood/wit/blauw

Boerenbont geruit groen/bruin

Sometimes I browse on Etsy and find some cute linen Japanese fabrics or vintage fabrics. I do love all kinds of fabric.


And I love good books. I name them good mood books. In one of my next messages I give some titles of these books.

Typical Dutch clogs!

Delft Blue Mill

Most of these items are for sale in Delft souvenir stores, but the Delft Blue wall plates, as well as this Delft Blue mill can also be found in Dutch houses nowadays, but the clogs are mostly worn by farmers.

Little crocheted hat!